1. Are home portraits available?
Yes! You can order a custom drawing of your home or business.

2. What do I need to do?
Email to rgarrity@cox.net a photo of the angle you prefer of your home or business. Be sure to include both sides of the home! If there is a special tree, garage, driveway, etc. be sure to include that in the same photo with your home. Include close up photos of details such as front door, stained glass, etc.

3. Can you change landscaping?
Yes! Trees can be deleted or added, as can utility poles, flowers and shrubs.

4. What are the prices for home portraits?
Prices here are estimates. Depending upon complexity and number of buildings in the drawing, prices may be slightly higher.

Price estimates are as follows:

8x10 - $250.00
11x14 - $295.00
16x20 - $375.00
18x24 - $450.00

5. Are home portraits framed?
Home portraits are not framed or matted for shipping purposes and decorative reasons. I may not know your personal preferences in framing and mat color.

6. Are bird portraits available?
Yes! Bird portraits are available. Please email me a photo of your bird in the pose you desire. Be sure colors are accurate in your photo! Birds may also be requested showing a human activity, such as surfing, skating etc.

7. What are the prices for a bird portrait?
Bird portrait prices are estimates depending on the size and number of birds included.

Price estimates are as follows:

8x10 - $125.00
11x14 - $175.00
16x20 - $200.00

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